Dr Fiona T. Doherty PhD

Dr Fiona Doherty is a Glaswegian and a philosopher specializing in the philosophy of mathematics as well as metaphysics, computation and bioethics. She holds a PhD in philosophy from the… MORE

Bruce P. Blackshaw PhD

Bruce P. Blackshaw is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham. His academic background includes degrees in mathematics and physics, computer science, and philosophy. He has published extensively in… MORE

Dr Toni Saad MA

Dr Toni Saad is a junior doctor currently based in Cardiff. He gained a master’s degree in bioethics and medical law from St Mary’s University while studying medicine at Cardiff University. He has… MORE

Matthew Norris MPhil

Matthew Norris is a PhD candidate at the University of Reading, specialising in metaphysics and philosophy of religion. Previously, he undertook an MPhil at the University of Cambridge in Early… MORE

Dr Calum Miller

Dr Calum Miller is a medical doctor, having graduated from Oxford Medical School in 2015. He is also a Research Associate in Bioethics and Philosophy of Religion at the University of Oxford, and… MORE

Dr Ilaria Bertini PhD

Dr Ilaria Bertini holds a Ph.D in Constitutional Law from the University of Milan-Bicocca along with a Doctor Europaeus certificate, and a MA and BS in Philosophy from the University… MORE

Dr Greg Pike PhD

Dr Greg Pike, PhD is the founding Director of the Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture in Adelaide, South Australia and former Director of the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute.  He has… MORE