Interdisciplinary Bioethical Research

Bios Centre is a research institute set up to explore bioethical issues and critically examine current practices in health care. Our focus ranges from reproductive ethics to end-of-life care. Reflecting on Hippocratic and other approaches to care, we seek to establish a coherent internal ethic for the health care professions.


  • Double effect and doing/allowing

    Fiona Woollard, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton, gave this month’s seminar on the moral significance of two distinctions:  doing/allowing and intending/foreseeing (double effect). A video of her…

  • Transplantation: philosophical questions

    Professor Ana Iltis, Director of the Center for Bioethics, Health and Society at Wake Forest University, who recently become a Bios Centre Patron, gave a seminar to Bios this week…